Parents and carers

Supporting parents and carers as they prepare to return to work

We know how hard it is to find the time for your own development when you’re caring for the next generation!

Across the Angus Knight Group, our companies and partners help parents and carers prepare to re-enter the workforce, find the right job (full, flexible, or part-time), or retrain and reskill for a new career. We can also assist with getting dependents who are living with disability into part-time appropriate work opportunities.

Help to take the next step or switch careers

Our Jobfind business is a service provider for the Australian Government’s ParentsNext and Career Transition Assistance programs.


ParentsNext is designed to help prepare parents or carers for work by the time their youngest child starts school. It is available to people who receive the Parenting Payment. 

Career Transition Assistance

Career Transition Assistance helps job seekers over 45 learn how to transfer skills to different industries, increase job readiness, and receive ongoing support to look for work in a heavily competitive market.

Help to find the right job for dependents living with a disability

Our disabililty specialist company, uLaunch, is dedicated to getting people living with disability, injury or illness into education or employment. Our specially trained employment consultants are skilled in helping job seekers find enjoyable, sustainable work.

A second chance for a real future

Our First Nations partner company Real Futures works with all Mob – old, young, parents and family – and understands the importance of engaging with the whole community.

Real Futures has recently partnered with UN Women to host the Women’s Business Second Chance (WBSC) Hub – a ground-breaking new program for women at risk of being left behind, including parents and carers. It aims to ensure they can achieve quality learning, entrepreneurship, and employment outcomes through educational and vocational training.