Corporate governance

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Experience underpinned by integrity

At Angus Knight, our robust governance systems are designed to ensure integrity and excellence across the group, embodying our vision, purpose and values at all levels.

The Angus Knight Group has a mature corporate governance framework that has been refined over the past 30 years. It combines our learned experience in systems, procedures and culture, including auditing, quality assurance, risk management, e-business management, recruitment, technology and community engagement.

Board meetings

The Angus Knight group of companies is governed by a Board of Directors.

Board meetings consider reports from the CEO of each subsidiary company, and from the group’s Chief Financial Officer and Chief Information Officer. A standing item includes reports on governance and risk management from the Chief of Governance and Compliance, who reports directly to the Board. Reports are received from the CEO of each subsidiary company, and from the Chief Finance Officer and Chief Information Officer.

All Board processes and documentation have been digitised. Minutes are taken by the Company Secretary, who is a solicitor of the Supreme Court of NSW.

The AKG Board

Mr Duncan Angus

Founded the group in 1991, is the owner and primary shareholder. Duncan has extensive experience growing and leading companies as CEO and Chairman. He has been instrumental in implementing the Groups’ successful partnership model and developing the Angus Knight growth agenda.

Joseph Carrozzi, AM

Joseph  is the Chair of teh AKG Board, and an experienced board chair and business leader, and former Managing Partner for the Sydney Practice of PwC.

Mr Michael Hobday

The Angus Knight Group CEO, has 25 years’ experience in the Commonwealth and Queensland public service, as well as 21 years in various CEO positions across employment services in Australia (notably at Maximus Inc. and APM) and the UK (Jobs 22).

Mr Lincoln John Hart, OAM

The Executive Chairman of Tourism Australia, and holds multiple Board positions in service industries.

Ms Zara Curtis

Director of Content and Customer Engagement at Insurance Australia Group, Zara is a leader of innovation, creativity and people.

Mr Andrew Smith

A proud Wiradjuri man and barrister of the Supreme Court of NSW. In October 2021, Andrew was appointed as Acting Commissioner of The Land and Environment Court.

Governance, Quality and Integrity

The Chief of Governance and Compliance, Mr Anthony Parsons, and our Privacy Officer, Ms Robyn Kingston, report directly to the Board. Each has around 20 years’ experience in the Commonwealth Senior Executive Service, dating back to the design and outsourcing of employment services in 1998, giving them an intimate understanding of employment service contracts.

“We take our responsibility as care takers of senstive data very seriously. Our governance structures are at the core of what we do everyday.”

Anthony Parsons – Chief of Governance and Compliance

Board committees

Three Board committees ensure effective oversight of key operational and strategic areas.

Quality, integrity and risk

The Quality, Integrity and Risk Subcommittee regularly examines feedback from clients, our independent and anonymous whistleblower facility, and our continuous improvement register. It is also responsible for our internal and external audit program of works, and monitors the effectiveness of detailed risk plans. Our risk plans are managed by an inhouse system modelled on the Riskman and Risk-Active facilities previously used by the Department of Education Skills and Employment. This subcommittee has overall responsibility for operating policies and procedures, and compliance with contractual requirements.

Information technology

The IT Steering Committee oversees and prioritises improvements to our customer delivery and back-of-house systems, taking into account the increasing prominence and importance of privacy and data protection. It also reviews progress against our ICT program of works, ICT security strategy and any issues arising, and has oversight of our ICT compliance with Right Fit for Risk policies and procedures.

People and culture

The People and Culture Subcommittee meets regularly to monitor workplace health and safety initiatives as well as staff development and retention strategies. It has oversight of all recruitment and separation, workplace health and safety, staff performance, and remumeration matters.

Independent certification

The Angus Knight Group is proud to have been externally certified as meeting the following standards:

ISO27001 International Information Security Management standard

ISO9001 Quality Management Systems standard

Right Fit for Risk
Quality Assurance Framework (QAF) – for our jobactive contract
National Standard for Disability Services (NSDS) – for our Disability Employment Services contract
ASQA (Australian Skills Quality Authority) accreditation for the five registered training organisations operated by the group.

Supporting agility and growth

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit in 2021, all our service delivery staff were well placed to quickly switch to working from home. For some time, our Standard Operating Environment (SOE) has seen all staff issued with a modern laptop computer and mobile phone, office landlines were switched to our IP-telephony groups, enabling seamless delivery of our same high standard of customer service.

To better cater for growth that has occurred for the group of companies and help our support workforce also working remotely during the pandemic, our Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Team and People and Culture team implemented the Jira workflow system from Atlassian, to track internal requests for assistance. An average of 5,000 ICT requests, and 1,000 People and Culture requests are processed annually.

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