Local communities

Angus Knight - Who we help - Image of local community members supporting each other

Helping local communities to thrive

Community is all about living and working together, and Angus Knight companies and partners are there to help.

We are engaged and responsive

Across the Angus Knight Group, our services are always informed by community needs – the needs and aspirations of individuals, families, networks of culture and connection, and businesses of all types and sizes.

Our Regional Coordinators and Reach Out Officers work deeply with local employers to understand regional employment dynamics, and better serve the community.

Community focus targets youth employment

Angus Knight’s local focus and partnership approach to employment services are particularly critical when addressing the impact of youth unemployment in communities.

At Jobfind, we have established a Youth Employment Consortium of like-minded organisations bringing together Australia’s largest training organisations, employment companies, employers, charities and education partners to upskill young people, create long-term career paths and defeat youth unemployment. Our specialised Youthfind services work at the grassroots level with youth specialists nationwide.

First Nations communities benefit from grassroots programs

All our First Nations businesses providing the Australian Government’s Community Development Program have deep and rich ties to local Mob in the area they operate.

Real Futures

Located in the Gascoyne region, with sites in Carnarvon, Exmouth, Burringarrah and Gascoyne Junction communities.

RISE Ventures

Located in Katherine, Northern Territory, and in Kowanyama/Pormpuraaw, Queensland.

RN Employment Services

Located in the Southwest Alice, North and Barkly regions of the Northern Territory.


Located in the central Arnhem region of the Northern Territory.