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We are dedicated to helping those who need it most

At Angus Knight, we strive to support people so they can find financially secure, enjoyable, long-term employment.

Across the Angus Knight Group, we specialise in helping people who have experienced disadvantage, people living with a disability, First Nations communities, culturally and linguistically diverse, refugees, ex-offenders, parents, the young and mature-aged people.

We provide pre-employment preparation and training, skills development and education, coaching and mentoring, and post-employment support.

We are contracted for the following Australian government programs: Workforce Australia, Disability Employment Services (DES), NDIS, ParentsNext, Employability Skills Training, Career Transition Assistance, and Time to Work. In the UK we deliver National Career Service and the Department of Works and Pensions’ Restart Scheme, whilst in Sweden we deliver Kundval Rusta och Matcha (Equip and Match) for people registered with the Swedish Public Employment Service.

We help job seekers improve their skills and qualifications

We are committed to offering job seekers the right opportunities to improve their skills and job readiness.

Angus Knight Institute

Our training and education division, the Angus Knight Institute, offers a wide selection of vocational training for the most in-demand industries, from business skills to mental health qualifications.

Rise Ventures

And our First Nations specialist provider, Real Futures, operates Vocational Training and Employment Centres (VTECs) to deliver support-based training across Australia.

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An industry leader in employment, training, recruitment and post-employment services, Jobfind has placed and supported more than half a million Australians since it was formed in 1998.

At Jobfind, we deliver life-changing opportunities for individuals, and committed workers for employers.


of Jobfind clients reported being satisfied with their experience of finding a job (45.3% industry average)


of clients agreed that Jobfind was helping them prepare for a job (43.7% industry average)

*Industry average data based on Department of Education, Skills and Employment Post-Program Monitoring survey (April 2019 to March 2020) results; Jobfind data based on independent research conducted by McCrindle with 230 jobseekers actively engaged with Jobfind services in March 2021.


uLaunch partners with people living with disability, illness and injury to co-create new pathways to fulfilling and meaningful employment. We believe that people living with a disability deserve every opportunity to live a self-determined strong life of confidence and pride, thriving in their community.

Jobs 22

Jobs 22 is an innovative joint venture between Angus Knight and not-for-profit social business Catch22, delivering employment services, National Career Service, and the Restart program in the UK.

At Jobs 22, the combined experience of our partners enables us to provide a compassionate and commercial approach to getting people back to work. We tackle the barriers, provide comprehensive support and tailor journeys to the individual, which benefits their local economy and the local community.

Real Futures

Real Futures is a leader in creating real change and real growth for Australia’s First Nations peoples through its delivery of Disability Employment Services (DES), Vocational Training and Employment Centres (VTECs), and the Community Development Program (CDP).

At Real Futures, we are proud to be Supply Nation certified, which means we are majority Aboriginal owned, controlled and managed. We help build community capacity through job-readiness, training, services and employment.

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Cost-free programs for job seekers

We compete for the right to deliver government-funded services. Our companies are currently contracted for the following programs.