Vision and values

Our vision

To be the leading human services organisation in every community we serve.

We will achieve this through a disciplined approach to our strategic pillars – reputation, performance, and growth – driving us to create better outcomes for all across employment, community development and education.

Our purpose

To empower the people and communities we work with every day.

Our values

We are principled


stay true to our business vision and values
do the right thing, particularly when no-one is looking
are trustworthy, maintain confidentiality and act with integrity

Board committees

At Angus Knight, our robust governance systems are designed to ensure integrity and excellence across the group, embodying our vision, purpose and values at all levels.

We keep our promises


walk the talk, doing what we say we will do
own it! We accept accountability, take responsibility, and deliver on commitments – especially to our customers and stakeholders
create an environment of trust and transparency

300 Jobs in 100 Days

On 1st July 2020, we kicked off our pledge to find and place 300 Youth into jobs within 100 Days. And we are pleased to announce that we smashed that goal in just 67 days!

We achieve together


share ideas, knowledge and better practice
are empowered to collaborate to achieve goals, push boundaries and innovate
prioritise group/team goals over individual goals

Good news for job seekers in Melbourne

Jobfind has again achieved outstanding Star Rating results awarded by the Commonwealth Department of Education, Skills and Employment for providing jobactive services in Victoria.

We respect and value all people


are inclusive and develop positive relationships to drive change and growth
respect difference – such as the diverse needs of others’ cultures, beliefs, genders and sexual orientations
demonstrate empathy, listen to others and are constructive even when we disagree

Women’s Business Second Chance Hub

The hub is a partnership between Real Futures and UN Women to deliver a pilot program for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women in Western Sydney.