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The Angus Knight Group develops individuals, communities and organisations through our group of companies which provide employment, training and workforce solutions.

From humble beginnings, the services of the Group are now used to enrich the lives of thousands of people each year, accelerate the performance of some of the largest corporations in the Asia-Pacific region and provide support and guidance to some of the most disadvantaged communities in Australia.

Angus Knight Group delivers its products and services through the following leading Australian brands:

Provider of Disability Employment Services and Community Development Programme.

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Angus Knight Learning, a business of the Angus Knight Group, is an experienced training partner to organisations and employment service providers across Australia.

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LearnNow, a business of the Angus Knight Group, provide off-the-shelf, pre-vocational online training to support learning needs across a vast and diverse audience.

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The industry leader in enterprise learning and business performance technologies.

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Partner with Migrant, Indigenous and mainstream companies to assist in growing their business turnover and employee numbers, through providing management and operational expertise and accessing funding support.

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RISE is a member of the Community Development Programme (CDP) which is a Federal Government program for remote employment and community development services.

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"Angus Knight is committed to reconciliation with Australia's Indigenous community, through our Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) which has been endorsed by Reconciliation Australia."

Michael Hobday, CEO

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