Young people

Empowering the next generation

We understand that young people suffer higher levels of unemployment than the general population – and we are dedicated to making a difference.

Being unemployed when you are young can mean losing out on training and vital employment skills, causing damage to long-term job prospects.

This can then put additional pressure on families and adversely affect mental wellbeing. Widespread youth unemployment can lead to a ‘lost generation’ that is socially excluded, trapped in poverty and disengaged from the wider community.

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We provide support with respect and understanding

Across our network of businesses, we support young people with specialist services, founded on respect and understanding for their specific needs.


Youthfind is Jobfind’s specialist service, offered across its network to help coach and mentor people under 25 years old through training and education and into jobs.

Using its partnerships with TAFE Directors Australia, Australia’s largest training organisations, labour hire companies, employers, community organisations and education partners Youthfind provides relevant, useful and appropriate workshops, training, upskilling and work opportunities to create long-term career paths.

Joblife Employment

Joblife provides services to help young people living with a disability, illness or mental health issue including anxiety or depression to make the transition from school to work.

Find out more about our programs:

The Angus Knight Institute

The Angus Knight Institute offers courses, apprenticeships and traineeships.

We are passionate about empowering the next generation, and our teams and our expert partners work hard to create a one-stop shop service for young people to fulfil their dreams.

Duncan Angus, Founder Angus Knight

First Nations and community programs

All our First Nations and community businesses also welcome and assist young Mob.

Real Futures

Located in the Gascoyne region, with sites in Carnarvon, Exmouth, Burringarrah and Gascoyne Junction communities.

RISE Ventures

Located in Katherine, Northern Territory, and in Kowanyama/ Pormpuraaw, Queensland.

RN Employment Services

Located in the Southwest Alice, North and Barkly regions of the Northern Territory.


Located in the central Arnhem region of the Northern Territory.

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