Wellbeing and support

Wellbeing and support - Image of a counsellor and client

It’s about more than just the job

We understand that every client is a unique individual, living a life with all sorts of dimensions – not just someone who needs a job.

Across the Angus Knight Group, all our employment services include pre- and post-placement support, tailored according to individual needs, and taking into account any health, lifestyle or personal issues.

When times get tough

The Angus Knight Group’s Jobfind services also include Healthfind, its unique allied health offering. When things get difficult because of:

stress, anxiety or depression
drugs or alcohol
domestic or family violence
budgeting or finances

Healthfind can provide counselling, mentoring support or referral.

Healthfind logo - image of green and purple elements reading healthfind

For First Nations communities

Real Futures offers personalised and local support from mob for mob.

For people living with disability

Joblife Employment has partnered with The Better Health Generation to develop a customised version of the YourHealth+Work application that can help our clients on their employment journey and beyond.

We are trialling the application in Queensland with around 250 clients ahead of a broader launch.

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