First Nations

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Programs built on collaboration and respect

We provide training, recruitment, mentoring and community development for First Nations Australians, as well as cultural competency and safety training for employers.

Angus Knight’s partnerships with local organisations are designed to engage with communities on their own terms, providing training and integrated employment pathways as well as developing business enterprises for long-term employment and economic impact.

We build pathways to employment

Real Futures Vocational Training and Employment Centres (VTECs)

Based on continued quality of service delivery, Real Futures is the only national VTEC network with the capacity, trust and respect of Aboriginal peoples to provide work opportunities across Australia. Real Futures has office locations are Hunter Region, Kempsey, Coffs Harbour, Lismore, Western Sydney, Geraldton, Pilbara and Darwin.

Employment pathways through Jobfind

Jobfind offers dedicated support to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander jobactive job seekers, predominantly in Melbourne area. Committed to walking alongside Mob, Jobfind’s services not only supports the job seeker but their family and community too. 

Disability employment services through Real Futures

Real Futures is proud to provide Disability Employment Services (Aboriginal specialist as well as mainstream) in Kempsey, Nambucca, Coffs Harbour, Dorrigo, Geraldton and Gascoyne.

We support employers to embrace diversity

Across the Angus Knight Group, we are keen to partner with employers who embrace diversity in their business. Both Jobfind and Real Futures can support businesses with culturally appropriate services that break down barriers through workplace training, as well as pre- and post-placement support for First Nations employees.

Cultural competency and safety training

Both cultural competency and cultural safety are critical to success when employers are looking to enrich their workplace with Aboriginal peoples. Respect for Culture, histories, values and connections is what builds pathways to mutual growth to move forward and flourish.

Real Futures can provide cultural competency, awareness and learning sessions to inform supervisors, workers and stakeholders of Aboriginal practices and protocols that relate directly to their industry

We help develop communities and cultural pride

Community Development Program (CDP)

In 2020/21 our grassroots companies and partnerships with local organisations delivered the Australian Government’s Community Development Program (CDP) to boost employment and education opportunities for job seekers in seven remote regions around Australia.

Real Futures

Located in the Gascoyne region, with sites in Carnarvon, Exmouth, Burringarrah and Gascoyne Junction communities.

RISE Ventures

Located in Katherine, Northern Territory, and in Kowanyama/ Pormpuraaw, Queensland.

RN Employment Services

Located in the Southwest Alice, North and Barkly regions of the Northern Territory.


Located in the central Arnhem region of the Northern Territory.

Workshirts to wear with pride

Available from Real Futures, this unique shirt in the colours of the Aboriginal flag meets all Australian workplace safety regulations for high vis work wear and is available in all of the regular sizes.

First Nations artwork

RISE Community Art is a registered charity providing an e-commerce marketplace for First Nations artists from our community to sell their art, with 100% of all sales revenue received by the artist.

Artwork: Bush Berries by Michelle-Pope.

Explore our First Nations companies and partners

Our brands and partnerships are driven by their First Nations communities:

Real Futures

A majority-Aboriginal owned, controlled and managed company – delivers the Community Development Program (CDP), and Vocational Training and Employment Centres (VTEC), as well as Disability Employment Services (DES), in regional and remote Australia.

Rise Ventures

Remote Indigenous Sustainable Enterprises – provides training and employment pathways for local people as well as developing business enterprises for long-term employment and economic impact. RISE Ventures is 100% owned by Angus Knight.

RN Employment Services

A joint venture between RISE Ventures and Ngurratjuta/Pmara Ntjarra Aboriginal Corporation (a registered not-for-profit), forged out of a meeting of values and goals to bring quality services and better outcomes to the local people of the region.


A joint venture between the Jawoyn Association Aboriginal Corporation (a registered charity) and RISE Ventures. Nyirrunggulung means ‘working together’.

Women’s Business 2nd Chance (WBSC) Hub

A partnership between Real Futures and UN Women to deliver a pilot program for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women in Western Sydney.

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