Wellbeing and support

Wellbeing and support - Image of a counsellor and client

It’s about more than just the job

We understand that every client is a unique individual, living a life with all sorts of dimensions – not just someone who needs a job.

Across the Angus Knight Group, all our employment services include pre- and post-placement support, tailored according to individual needs, and taking into account any health, lifestyle or personal issues.

When times get tough

The Angus Knight Group’s allied health services include Healthfind and Intuitive Thinking Skills in the UK.

Health, lifestyle, and personal issues can make a big impact on your capacity to find work. Healthfind helps you address physical, mental, and social barriers that are holding you back from achieving your employment goals.

Intuitive Thinking Skills in the UK have over eighteen years of experience delivering cutting edge education that empowers people to take independent action through self-determination. The teams at Intuitive Thinking Skills work effectively across sectors including criminal justice, drugs and alcohol, employment, mental health and wellbeing, domestic abuse, and homelessness through their educational approach.

Both Healthfind and Intuitive Thinking Skills can help with the below:

stress, anxiety or depression
drugs or alcohol
domestic or family violence
budgeting or finances

Healthfind can provide counselling, mentoring support or referral.

For First Nations communities

Real Futures offers personalised and local support from mob for mob.

For people living with disability

uLaunch has partnered with Populi Solutions to give their participants access to the Gloves Program. uLaunch recognises that a variety of innovative methods are required to engage and support job seekers in their journey.

The six-week program is comprised of a one two-hour session a week.

uLaunch believe that by reinforcing the connection between community and people with disability it strengthens the perceived identity of those with a disability, dissolving any bias, and in turn mobilises a potential group of workers into the workforce.