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How Rise-Ngurratjuta has helped the Mutitjulu community prepare for generations to come

By July 17, 2020October 11th, 2021No Comments

Our communities are not just about the here and now, they’re also about
tomorrow and the years that come after that. To create and build thriving
communities, we need to put the building blocks in place that sustain them
and help them grow. A recent example was the creation of a second-hand
store in Mutitjulu.

After a series of meetings held in Mutitjulu, it became clear to Rise-Ngurratjuta
that the Mutitjulu community was in need of a second-hand store, as clothing
is not available otherwise and travelling the 4-hour journey to Alice Springs
was difficult – especially with limited access to transport for many community
members. Mutitjulu is a small Aboriginal community located in the shadow of
Uluru, the massive red sandstone monolith in the Northern Territory and the
heart of Australia.

Using the Business Incubator Pilot Program, the Rise-Ngurratjuta Business
Development Officer (BDO) set about having consultations with community
members and the Mutitjulu Community Aboriginal Corporation (MCAC). The
aim was to secure a building from which a second-hand store could be run
and identify a suitable community member who could own the store and be
trained to run it. An old night patrol building, on a peppercorn lease (nominal
rent) was agreed to as the ideal location for this new venture.
Evelyn Alike a senior member of community was selected as a suitable
candidate to own the business and she is delighted to be setting up a shop
that is needed by the community. Word has quickly spread amongst the wider
community and we are delighted to announce that donations for the shop are
rolling in from many sources – all the way to Alice Springs.

We are committed to supporting communities with more than just jobs, our
aim to provide them with a continuous income through business initiatives.
The second-hand shop in Mutitjulu is a perfect example of this, and we are
delighted that Rise-Ngurratjuta has been able to help the Mutitjulu community
turn their vision into a reality.