Education and Training

Angus Knight Group delivers education and training through the following leading Australian brands:

AngusKnight Learning

Angus Knight Learning, a business of the Angus Knight Group, is an experienced training partner to organisations and employment service providers across Australia.


LearnNow, a business of the Angus Knight Group, provide off-the-shelf, pre-vocational online training to support learning needs across a vast and diverse audience.

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Core Industry Training

A Registered Training Provider that delivers a broad range of accredited and non-accredited training courses.

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Jigsaw Training Group

A Registered Training Organisation that offers Certificate, Diploma and Postgraduate courses across social services and business and management leadership.

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Learning Sphere

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Learn + Us

We are an accredited training company based in the UK. We offer funded and non-funded places for functional skills, short courses and Award, Certificate and Diploma qualifications.

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Jobs 22 is an exciting new entity created by and jointly owned by Catch22 Charity Limited, a social business operating across all areas of the Welfare cycle in the UK, and Angus Knight Group a major provider of human services across Australia and skills provider in the UK.

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