Community Development Program (CDP)

Angus Knight Group delivers the Community Development Program (CDP) through the following leading Australian brands:

Rise Ventures

RISE is a member of the Community Development Programme (CDP) which is a Federal Government program for remote employment and community development services.

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RN Employment Services

A joint venture by Ngurratjuta/Pmara Ntjarra Aboriginal Corporation and RISE Ventures to provide CDP Services in remote Australia.

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Nyirrunggulung – Rise

Nyirrunggulung-Rise, located in the Northern Territory of Australia , is a joint venture creating job opportunities, providing training and supporting social infrastructure.

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Real Futures

Leaders in real change and real growth for our first people’s through proven training and employment programs.

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Rise Community Art

RISE Community Art provides an e-commerce marketplace for Indigenous artists in remote Australia to showcase and sell their Art. RISE stands for Remote Indigenous Sustainable Enterprises and drives better social and economic outcomes to communities in remote Australia through partnerships.

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