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Mornington Island Market Day

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We saw the participants of our Creative Industries activity hold a market day to showcase their wares to the local community and service providers in Gununa.

Preparation for the market day improved participation and enthusiasm in the activity and the ladies are keen to do another one this month. They now have the skills to do this. Participants learned and used the following skills:

  •     Sewing of goods to a saleable quality
  •     Making  and selling coffee
  •     Display and merchandising of goods
  •     Designing and producing a flyer
  •     Marketing and Promotion of an event in the community.

The day showed participants that they can be entrepreneurial and that even in a small remote community there are potential business opportunities.

mornington island market day1

Western Tablelands Licensing Programs

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western tableandsTwelve young jobseekers were the first to participate in the learner driver training, each attended daily through a combination of face to face assistance delivered by our R4W facilitator and on-line practice assessments via QLD Department of Transport. Some of these participants are experiencing barriers such as LL&N and motivation, so to see this group attend each and every day exceeded all of our expectations.

A second group of jobseekers requiring their provisional licence were pooled together to assess their hours logged and licencing readiness. Most of these participants have held their learners for some time and struggled to obtain enough hours required before sitting for their licencing test, or just lacked confidence. Jobfind arranged for a driving school to visit our Kuranda office to conduct one hour driving lessons. This fast became popular as normally these services are not available in Kuranda, log book hours are also worth double when signed off by the instructor.

Finally a third group of jobseekers requiring P2’s were contacted and combined with the other two groups on the Friday to attend the Mareeba Department of Transport via our Jobfind bus plus an additional car. The Dept. of Transport was very accommodating; fortunately they were pre-warned of the instant influx of people about to walk in their door.

The outcome was fantastic; over 15% of our participants requiring licencing assistance achieved their goals. Those who did not pass were still commended for their outstanding efforts by Jobfind staff and their peers. Everyone who participated in the training was rewarded by a well-deserved sausage sizzle once they returned from Mareeba.

This program proved to be highly successful, we are looking to implement learner driver training on a regular basis and invite The Learning Workshop to identify and assist with LL&N barriers as we strive to reduce jobseeker barriers and into their pathway to employment.

Kowanyama Market Garden

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June saw a project start to rejuvenate and bring back to life the old .

In conjunction with Ascent Training Jobfind is running an 8 week Certificate 3 in Rural Operations to equip local members of the community with the skills to turn the garden into a viable means to provide much needed good value fresh fruit and vegetables to the local Kowanyama community.

With the support of Kowanyama Aboriginal Shire Council Mayor Michael Yam the activity is showing great progress with at least 16 local people attending everyday. Not only will this activity give locals the opportunity to provide a positive contribution to the health and wellbeing of their community, they will also receive a nationally recognised qualification.kowanyama market garden

Canterbury-Bankstown DES ESA Film Festival

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des filmThe eventing start off with hand food and key speaks including the director of Halal Love Assad Fouladkar.

Also there was a formal Jobfind participant Nabil who stated he enjoys coming to these kind of events because it makes him feel a part of community.

After the key speaks we were presented with Knafeh from KNAFEH Jerusalem street food, dance and sing included.

Once that wrap up with were ask to go and watch the move Halal Love. We could not stay the whole night due to time and work the next day.


For more information please see below link



Katherine Indigenous Women’s Association

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katherine ind women associationSPROUTS: Garlic seeds have started to sprout after only a week in the Food Ladder hydroponic community greenhouse.

Jobfind, in conjunction with the Food Ladder and Katherine Indigenous Women’s Association, have started to see the fruits of their labour as the first lot of seeds began to sprout within a week of planting. The community garden is getting busier each week with more participants helping to get the 62 types of plants into the ground.

Katherine Indigenous Women’s Association chairperson Taryn Kruger has plans to engage the community with the garden. “The other way is showing them how to grow it in the beds,” she said. “Bringing back that 80s thing where everyone used to grow everything in their backyard and now it’s like run to the markets.”

Ms Kruger said tomato and rosella were two of the more popular plants, and there were plans to run a competition to see who could make the best rosella jam. Ms Kruger said they had already approached the schools, which had already started their gardens, to help them maintain their own plants as well as setting up a training garden at the community greenhouse site.

Katherine Indigenous Women’s Association have also been working with Charles Darwin University to become qualified trainers and assessors to further develop the skills with the community. Local businesses have also started putting in requests for fresh produce from the garden, with more expected to come.

West Arnhem – Gunbalanya True Passion

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Graham Alangale is one of Work for the Dole Supervisors who has been employed with Jobfind for the last 6 months. Graham was always turning up to work late and leaving early. He was also very hesitant in helping with the work load.

Graham was nominated by Jobfind to attend a Mental Health First Aid Course training which he actively participated and showed a real interest in for 6 hours a day for the 3 days which he gained a Statement of Attainment.

Graham has over the last 2 months had a big turnaround in his attitude to work. He attends work on time and has quite often worked back late. Graham has formed a great working relationship with our Work for the Dole Supervisor, Peter Beesley and now enjoys coming to work.

Graham has a true passion for welding which he is teaching the jobseekers the skills. Graham has cut a 44 gallon drum in half sideways and has welded legs on one of the halves and has turned it into a wooden BBQ.

Graham is proving to be an asset to our Jobfind Team.

New centre at Warilla is getting people jobs

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warilla newsHELPING HAND: Jobseeker Robert Moran with his employment consultant Adeane Gornall at the Warilla Jobfind Centre. The centre helps people with a managable disability, injury or health condition find work. Picture: Adam McLean

After a 15-year stint tending to the foreshore of Lake Illawarra, a neck injury left Robert Moran unable to work and without a job.

Mr Moran, from Albion Park Rail, looked after the parks, gardens and jetties dotted along the waterline for his employer, the former Lake Illawarra Authority.

At just 43, he has been “medically retired” for about two-and-a-half years and “looking for any work” he can do.  Disc bulges in his neck, which press on a nerve, might have seen his long-term employment come to an unexpected halt, but Mr Moran is determined to work again.

Enter the Jobfind Centre at Warilla, where an employment consultant has been helping him fine-tune his resume and find work.

“It [the medical retirement] has put lots of financial strain on me but, on the positive side of it, I come to these sort of functions and Jobfind is building my spirit up a bit,” he said.

Mr Moran is among a handful of jobseekers being supported by the disability employment services provider; a federal government-funded initiative.

A new Jobfind Centre opened its doors in Warilla on Tuesday; upgraded facilities its chief executive Stirling Hay said would offer better service to customers.

“We wanted to have a more inclusive and welcoming environment, where people feel comfortable to come and share their needs, wants and desires with us,” Mr Hay said.

“Today’s [Tuesday’s] opening represents this first phase of that type of service.”

The centre delivers employment services to people with a managable disability, injury or health condition.

Its reach extends to Wollongong, Dapto, Warrawong and Berkeley.  Mr Hay said 40 per cent of the centre’s current caseload was “tracking for employment”.

“Because someone has a disability doesn’t mean they’re any less entitled, it means in fact they’ve often got very special skills that are of benefit to employers,” he said. “Part of our job is to help shine a light on those things and provide those introductions and opportunities.”

The new facility, on Beverley Avenue, is just a couple of doors down the street from where the centre previously operated. Mr Hay said the new centre’s street frontage would make for a “more welcoming” jobseeker experience, with demand for the service already evident.

“We even had somebody turn up unannounced, asking us to help them find a job, as the signwriter was still finishing the sign,” he said.

“It kind of told us, maybe we got it [the new location] right.”

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