Celebration as restoration project proves a success – Newcastle Herald

Nobby’s Headland is being revitalised, and the completion of stage one is being celebrated.

Great experience: Bronson Brack said working on the project had been ‘‘amazing’’.
Great experience: Bronson Brack said working on the project had been ‘‘amazing’’. Picture: Jonathan Carroll.

Newcastle NOW’s Nobbys Precinct restoration has proved a success, even in its early stages, with two of the cottages already overhauled.

Cottages two and three now have new ceilings, restored interior walls and timber trimming, new plumbing and electrical wiring, new glazing on all 48 windows, and a freshly painted interior. Cottage one has been gifted a new roof.

Work has been done by people on a work-for-the-dole scheme through Jobfind Centre and those completing community service orders through the NSW Department of Corrective Services.

Kris Leck, board member of Newcastle NOW and pro bono project manager of Catalyst Project Consulting, said the project had provided meaningful work for a large number of people through those avenues. He said it was an outstanding example of what could be achieved when people worked together on something important to the community.

Bronson Brack of New Lambton spent months working on the restoration two days a week through Jobfind.

The 20-year-old said he’d never done anything like it, and had decided to pursue work in painting as a result of his time on the project.

‘‘It’s been an amazing experience and it just feels great to have given something back to the community like this,’’ he said.

‘‘Looking at it now just feels so great and I almost don’t know what to say. I’m ecstatic.’’


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