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Angus Knight to host international delegates from the South Korean Employment Services – why they are here

By October 16, 2013October 11th, 2021No Comments

At the request of the National Employment Services Association (NESA) , Jobfind was one of the very few JSA’s to be offered the opportunity to host a meeting with the delegates from the South Korean Employment Services to discuss the models currently adopted in the Australian public employment service sector. Delegates including update with names, Deputy Director-General, were keen to understand the thinking behind the current process of job seeker servicing within Jobfind.

The delegates explored the systems used by the Australian Government to monitor and control the services delivered by the private providers. From the initial ‘Black Box’ approach, Australia has since developed a system with more specifications and control. The government in Sweden is currently considering moving towards such private based system of employment services.

The discussion concluded with a multicultural afternoon tea, representing the nature of the community surrounding the Jobfind Centre in Strathfield.