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Vision & Values

Servicing diverse markets within the government, corporate and community sectors, Angus Knight combines our customer-focused industry insights with productivity prowess and cutting edge technologies, to drive our clients to meet their full potential – be it personal, commercial or philanthropic.


Proud men and women graduated in the 2013 Defence Indigenous Development Program.


Indigenous employees across the Angus Knight Group.


Winners of the 2014 Calendar Art Competition announced by Jobfind Centre Australia.

By drawing on our strengths and expertise at the Angus Knight Group, and the experience we gain from operating in government, corporate and community markets, we work together to inspire success for our customers and partners.

The Angus Knight Group always aims to ensure that we are:

By working together as a group to combine our collective skills.


By supporting, encouraging and empowering our staff and customers to learn and grow.


By ensuring that our efforts are commercially viable, measured and relevant.


By putting people at the centre of everything we do.

People focused

By offering and utilising our expertise and experience to benefit customers.


By continually adapting to the needs of our customers and partners.


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