RISE Ventures is a Community Development Programme (CDP) provider and provides CDP participants in remote Australia with personalised assistance to help build their skills, get a job and to participate in their local communities.

Remote Indigenous Sustainable Enterprises (RISE) is aimed at building capacity of local Indigenous communities and their economies. Through consultation with traditional owners and local organisations, RISE Ventures identifies activities that engage youth, provide training and employment, build local capacity and enhance community life.

RISE was the strongest performing CDP provider under the last financial year contract. Seven partnerships with local Indigenous owned or managed organisations have been established to manage the new CDP contract in remote regions.

RISE currently supports 3859 job seekers of who 88.4% identify as indigenous. RISE is running 131 activity projects across the communities in which it operates.

Over the life of the contract RISE has placed 3533 into employment and have achieved 1508 by 26-week outcomes.

RISE’s huge Indigenous experience places it in a unique position to share