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The Angus Knight Group forms joint ventures with like-minded organisations to better serve local markets and communities.

Let’s achieve more together

More than the sum of our parts

The Angus Knight Group forms joint ventures with like-minded organisations to better serve local markets and communities. We do this where purposes are aligned and our corporate knowledge and capability combine with local community and/or specialised client knowledge to create mutually beneficial synergies. Clients throughout Australia, Canada, Sweden and the UK have been supported by our partnerships with remarkable charities, First Nations organisations and corporations.

Our key area of focus is to provide solutions to disadvantaged groups including the long-term unemployed, Indigenous people, young people, mature-aged and people with a disability. We service the communities and economies we operate in by delivering economic, social, employment and learning outcomes.

What we look for

When seeking potential partners, we look for:

alignment in our values
opportunities to assist local communities
commercial acumen and ambition

Partners benefit from our shared services model, which includes best practice support in finance, legal counsel, information and technology, marketing, administration support and people and culture.

The shared services offered by the Angus Knight Group enable our team in education to focus on what we do best – helping people to reach their potential by gaining new skills. We rely on this specialist team for many elements of our day-to-day operations.

Andrew Weatherburn, CEO, Training
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Interested in joining us?

If you’re interested in exploring a potential partnership or merger opportunity, please contact Group CEO, Nic Fairbank.

Thanks to all our partners and supporters

Community partners

Our UK partner

Our Canadian partner

The Women’s Business 2nd Chance Hub thanks

Special program partners and collaborators

We run numerous special programs and collaborations across Australia and the UK with numerous partners and we would like to thank them all for their ongoing collaboration. For example, we would like to thank our Youth Employment Consortium partners listed below.

Government partners

The Angus Knight Group delivers services on behalf of the Australian Government: Department of Education, Skills and Employment; Department of Social Services; the National Disability Insurance Agency; and the National Indigenous Australians Agency.

We deliver services on behalf of the Government of the United Kingdom: Department of Works and Pensions.