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300 Jobs in 100 Days: We Smashed It!

By October 6, 2021November 7th, 2021No Comments

On 1st July, we kicked off our pledge to find and place 300 Youth into jobs within 100 Days. And we are pleased to announce that we smashed that goal in just 67 days! It’s a massive effort from our Team Jobfind, and it highlights our collective commitment to ensuring our youth are matched with the right opportunities for career success.

The effects of COVID restrictions and lockdowns have been felt heavily by our youth. The last 12 months have seen many young Australians need to move back home or rely on casual work that is heavily reduced and/or inconsistent.

Our campaign officially ends on 11th October, but our Victorian Youth Program and Employer Partnerships will continue to focus on supporting, motivating and benefiting this group of young Australian’s.

Raf Matta, Jobfind Youth Engagement Coach, is at the coal face of youth unemployment and says helping our youth into employment is vitally important.

“Youth need more help than ever before. Youth unemployment is on the rise, and it’s our job to reach out and help young people with education, training, and employment. Youth are our future and the leaders of tomorrow.”

Again, a huge congratulations to our fantastic Employment Consultants at Jobfind. We are proud to have a truly amazing group of people committed to empowering and changing the lives of everyday Australians through genuine support and mentoring.